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Diviniti launches COVID WARRIOR Trophies and Awards

The last few months have seen unprecedented  times. With the outbreak of the Corona Virus, India along with the world have seen rising number of Covid cases among the Indian population. Mass scale hospitalizations, social distancing, lockdowns  became the new way of life. Life became miserable. But to fight these unprecedented challenges, came out a new breed of warriors, the COVID Warriors. These were the common citizens of India who took it upon themselves to come forward and risking their lives, to render their services to protect and support the nation at this crucial time. The Doctors, the nurses, the police and security forces, the transportation and sanitation workers, and a host of other volunteers came out when the general public stayed indoors, to ensure safety of the general public and to see to their needs and requirements.

DIVINITI, India’s leading corporate gifting and awards/appreciation company felt it was its duty to appreciate and honour these bravehearts. It went about conceptualizing and designing various types of awards that can be customized to highlight the beneficiary names with photographs if required, along with the felicitator branding, and provide a platform for organizations or government departments to have these customized products mass manufactured and presented to the COVID warriors who have been at the frontline to fight the pandemic.

Hospitals, NGOs, Security Forces and Governmental and Healthcare agencies can use these to appreciate and thank our COVID warriors.

DIVINITI Covid Warrior Awards can be checked out for options or you may discuss further to design your own custom branded product.